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BZA Petitions are as follows: Development Standard Variance - A request to deviate from the required Development Standards in the code (i.e. reduced setback, or more impervious surface than allowed, etc.) Special Exception - New business or use that is not listed as a permitted use in a zone district. Administrative Appeal - an appeal of a a staff decision. Petition Amendment - a requested change to a previously approved BZA petition (previously approved variance petition was for a 5' setback instead of required 8' - amended request is for a 3' setback instead of the 5' that was previously approved).

Plan Commission Information (If Applicable)

PC Petitions are as follows: Zone Map Amendment: request a change to the assigned zone district of a property. Primary Plat or Secondary Plat Application (Subdivision): Division of a property in to multiple lots for development. Re-plat: Change the orientation of a lot(s) in an existing subdivision (Lots 1, 2, & 3 become Lots 1 & 2)

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