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1 acre property is bordered by our Tree Farm property on all sides. It was once a small trailer park. A few years ago, the owner demolished and illegally buried several trailers near the back northern part of the property. There is also extensive trash and debris on the surface of the ground which spreads to our property and fouls the public waterway between Mud Lake and Rock Lake. Many abandoned water wells from the various trailers remain on the property, improperly secured creating a risk for the water table. The home is not occupied--former residents say it had no functioning well. They report vehicles were buried there as well. Concerned about septic situation so close to open ditch between Mud and Rock Lakes. More recently, site has become a magnet for anyone looking for a place to dump refuse, so situation is worsening. Absentee owners in Indianapolis: 14646 East 125 South Land Trust 5424 McFarland Road Indpls., IN 46227. 10/19 involved in Fulton County Superior Court case re: this property Judge Greg Heller. Property is a health and safety hazard, common nuisance, and threat to both public waterways and water table.
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